N127DK Gulfstream IV taxies into ground equipment - video .


US registered/Australia based Gulfstream IV N127DK on January 31 2011 while taxiing, over ran the ground equipment causing substantial damage to the aircraft.

Click Here for video of aftermath.


That’ll buff right out… :open_mouth:


I wonder what the Pilots New Career is?


Working that belt loader that he somehow got under the airplane.


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Wow- I have been looking into a G-IV rating in the last week… Guess there is a market for G-IV pilots.

Anyone know if the GV and the G550 are the same type?


yes, the 5, 350,450,500,550 are all G5 types. Differences training is required which is not much more than a refresher class. The 4, 300 and 400 are the only G4 types.
As I see it, if you are looking for work without a specific spot in mind there are a finite number of G4’s out there. The 5, or it’s derivatives, are still being produced so an increasing number of pilots will be required.
Gulfstream is going to try and include the 650 in the G5 type rating too :smiley:


Oh, btw, when you get a job flying a G whatever, GLEX etc. you have to buy a bigger suitcase. You’ll need it. 2 to 3 week trips are not uncommon.


Becky bought be a Luggage works Pilot bag for V-day 8)

John you think the G-IV type would be most competitive? It’s $5k cheaper then the GV.
although price isn’t the most important to me at this point. I would like to be competitive and leave myself with the most options.


Oh, off the top of my head they are probably about the same. They built right at 500 4’s and are just over 500 5’s of all variations so far. The type rating with no g time will most likely only get you into the right seat but with the ICAO “SIC requires a type rating” rule it is certainly not going to hurt either way you go. I’ve heard the 4 is the hardest type rating you can get, but that is usually a high time G2 pilot with no glass experience talking.

The good old G1159 rating (2,3) is getting to be a dinosaur, everybody and their brother has one but they are being parked and parted out faster than new G 550’s are being built.


Guys just FYI and for the record - Gulfstream production summary

G2 - serial nos 001 thru 258 (except 249 and 252 which were built as the first two G3s)
TOTAL built 256

G3 - serial nos 249, 252 and 300 thru 498 plus serial no 875
TOTAL built 202

G4 - serial nos 1000 thru 1499, then re-branded G300/400 serial nos 1500 thru 1535
TOTAL built 536

G350/450 currently in production, serial nos 4001 onwards, currently around 4240 in build (220 plus in service)

G5 - serial nos 501 thru 693 plus 666 re-allocated serial 699
TOTAL built 193

G500/550 currently in production, serial nos 5001 onwards, currently around 5315 in build (300 plus in service)

G650 serial nos 6001 onwards, 6005 was the latest to fly just last month (5 in the test programme now).


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Thanks for the numbers Matt.

Now can you tell me how many tip tankers were built and how many are left in service?

(shhh Don’t tell him, it’s a trick question. Gulfstream can’t even tell us how many)

John in Saudi


But I can tell Gulfstream how many!!!

The demo aircraft was 173, there were a total of 20 TT’s.

Of these two 133, and 212 had the tips removed and winglets installed.

Of the 20 original TT’s, there are currently 9 still flying.

107, 182, 216, 224, 233, 234, 236, 238, 246.

The following were scrapped or stored,

46, 127, 133, 173, 202, 203, 235, 239, 250.


Cool, sounds about right. I’ve heard their were several TT’s coming down the production line that were changed to 2B’s before delivery.