Astra SPX / G100


I’d like first hand knowledge on the Astra SPX / Gulfstream G100.

Typical performance figures, dispatch reliability, support. Operating costs. Advantages over lets say… the Lear 60 & Citation 6-7.



This might help… (Just a warning… Most people on here will “attack” you with posts saying, google it yourself. But this may answer your question) :unamused:

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Keywords being FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE. I can read wikipedia fine, and am familiar with google.


OK. I don’t have first hand knowledge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Flyboy97222 is a captain on a LJ35, but not a 60. But He can probably give you some info…

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reliability wise you cant go wrong with a Citation. Owing a cessna is like owning a Toyota. VS. a Jaguar, or lambo. They are super reliable, and CheapER to operate. Of course im biased. The Lear IS going to be faster by a little but not substantially, On shorter hops it really is negligible.
Capin comfort of the larger Citations is fantastic, full stand up cabin, (unless youre too tall like me) compared to the bigger lears, i cant really say. I have only ever ridden in a 35, never piloted any of them. And the G100, I really know very little about, But i would say go with a King Air 300, or 350.

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The CE-650’s (3, 6,&7) don’t measure up with the Astra/G100 or the Lear-60.

I’m partial to the lear for the wider cabin and flying it is fine even for me at 6’6" and 215lbs.

Gulfstream service is the best and Bombardier service is, well, kinda crappy.

Disregard the King Air remark. I had in mind the Gulfstream I when you said G100, dunno why

It really depends on what capacity you plan on using it for?
passenger, freight. Air Ambulance.?
Also where will you be operating? US, international? Alaska?

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Thanks all of you, would be based in Canada. With flights going up to 2000NM. 4 to 6 pax.

Check the field numbers for wet & contaminated runways for ops up there.

The Ce-650’s never had great field numbers.

The Lear loses a lot with anti-ice on.

The G-100 has slats and boots. I think both good for that enviroment.

I’m still partial to the Lear.

The Astra/G100 definitely has the advantage if you’re planning regular 2000nm trips. The Lear and Citation VII will both be range limited with 4 or more pax. The G100 has a relatively narrow cabin compared to the other 2, but the speed, range, and Gulfstream support should more than make up for it.

I have been flying the G-100 a fair amount recently.

Range is the biggest selling point of this bird. It is by far the longest range mid-size cabin aircraft. (Note: Not a super-mid, but clearly the longest range regular mid).

The Aux fuel tank gives you nearly 3000nms of range if you constant mach it at .79 and make your way up to FL450.

With any aircraft if the ISA temperatures are above normal you are going to drag it getting up to 450.

In the mid -3’s FL’s you will get up to 0.0855.

They are FADEC TFE-731 engines. They burn probably 1800 the first hour and then work your way down to the 1200lbs/hr when you are up to 450. You can hold 9200lbs of fuel with the aux tank.

You can pretty much fill all the tanks, max pax and still be under max gross take-off weight.

If you want a good idea of range track N411MM. I flew it to Alaska earlier this year non-stop from Allentown, PA. That was with a headwind and awful ISA temperatures.

The handling is decent, but she is a hard plane to land. Even with the trailing link gear it still takes a lot to get her to grease on. It is also a plane that likes to land at Ref, unlike some of the Citations that like a few extra kts.

The avionics are very decent with the Colins Pro-line IV. That was pretty much the standard high-end cockpit of the mid 1990’s.

The biggest downside on the G-100 if you ask me is the width of the cabin. The height is fine, but it is a little tight on width compared to other mid-cabin aircraft.

The Citation III that others mentioned is outclassed in every respect by the G-100. ( I do fly both). The Citation III uses lots of runway when hot and high, its very range limited with max passengers and burns more gas with that swept back wing. The III is going to burn 1800lbs first hour and 1600 for the rest of the trip. With a decent pax load your going no more than 3 hours.

the lear 60 is more comparable to a g-150 than a g-100. operating costs can be high on iai aircraft, as they seem to be very proud of their parts. the g-150 is a fairly new aircraft, so any used one is probably still under warranty. tech and warranty support on newer gulfstreams is excellent.
bombardiers tech support doesn’t seem to want to support anything prior to the lear 45, that includes the lear 60. the company i work for operates everything that gulfstream has made, except the g-1, and every lear, except the 45xp and 31.

The TFE 731-40R-200G engines on the G100/SPx actually use DEEC’s which are a step down from FADEC. None of the TFE 731 series engines employ FADEC.

You must be flying a non APU equipped bird… Those are the only ones that I’ve flown that have that much full fuel payload.

The trick for greasers is to maintain ref while flying her right to touchdown. Chopping the power at 50’ and flaring doesn’t work with its wing. It just doesn’t generate a ground effect cushion on landing.