Gulfstream G250 rolled out under power by IAI . . .

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SAVANNAH, Ga., October 6. 2009 - Gulfstream Aerospace and Isreal Aerospace Industries today rolled out the all-new, super mid-size Gulfstream G250 at Ben Gurion Intl Airport in Isreal. The G250 remains on on schedule for customer deliveries in 2011.

The audience celebrating the aircraft’s debut included customers, certifying authorities, supplier representitives and members of the Gulfstream G250 development team.

The G250 is capable of traveling 3,400 nautical miles at 0.80 Mach and has a maximum operating speed of 0.85 Mach. With an initial cruise altitude of 41,000 feet, the G250 can climb to a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet.

The G250 has a all-new Gulfstream wing, the signature Gulfstream T-tail, Honeywell engines and the PlaneView 250 cockpit based on Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics.

Beautiful plane. A little different than the other Gulfstreams. :confused:

The smaller G’s are built by IAI in Israel. They are outgrowths and morphs of the original Jet Commander which became the Westwind, then the Astra and Galaxy. Gulfstream has added their engineering and support system to make this a solid line of mid size jets.

So I wonder if the G-1159 rating covers this bird. (that was sarcasm)

The cockpit from the outside looks a bit Gulfstreamish but other than that I don’t see any resemblance. Still, a very nice airplane.

The cockpit from the outside looks a bit Gulfstreamish but other than that I don’t see any resemblance. Still, a very nice airplane.

It’s certainly a Gulfstream tail. Check out the videos, may see a different perspective from a side view.

Looks like they put a Hawker 800 and a Cessna 750 together. :unamused:

Yeah, I see it more clearly now with a different perspective.

[looking frantically for barf bag] :open_mouth:

:blush: :stuck_out_tongue: :open_mouth: :laughing:

i dont love it, preformance wise i havnt looked at any of specs. but to me it looks like an RJ’s retarded cousin.

you guys… If someone handed me the keys to that, I don’t think I’d be complaining. It’s still a “G” - and I don’t think it looks bad at all. Not even close to making it on the “Fugliest” thread…

This plane is going to kick ass. The only thing and I mean the only thing I did not like about the G-200 was that it had a very old cockpit for how young of a plane it was. Collins IV. The G-250 fixes that along with a bunch of other improvements. I love the entire concept of a Super mid.


Does that mean your going to bypass the Premier II? Just kidding.

My friends just picked up a Premier 1A, it currently has 12 hours on it!!

Yea well it looks like the Premier II is off the table for now. I got in to the CJ2/CJ3 series and the range / payload / performance is much better than what the Premier I or II expects to be. I like the Mach 0.80 of the Premier I/II. It is fast and has a great cabin, but the moment you start to fill the seats you lose range. That is what kills the charter market for these planes beyond short hops. I have been flying CJ2 and G-100 a lot lately. The G-100 is probably one of the most underrated planes made. It has nearly a 3000nm range, mid-size cabin and burns the same amount of gas as some light jets.

Do you still have your 650 and 510?

I have my 650. N51EM. She looks nothing like any Citation III out there. Universal 890R glass cockpit w/ synthetic vision, Garmin 530s, JeppView on the screen, new interior / exterior.

The Citation Mustang went back to Cessna a year ago over some control surface freezing issues. I really can’t elaborate other than that Cessna did the right thing and took it back.

All my flying lately has been in L-39s, CJ2, G-100 and the Citation III.

Good article here from FlightGlobal on the G250.

Click Here one Sweet airplane!!!

Here’s your Mustang with the old reg before your round the world adventure x2!!!, and the new reg and paint.

Yea it was N1693L when we did our first two record attempts in the Citation Mustang. When I changed it to N83EM was right before it went back to Cessna and I took it over to Europe on a pleasure trip. All the record attempts were when it was still N1693L.