Question on blocked aircraft on Flight Aware...

I have a question on blocked aircraft registrations. I’m specifically talking about N247WE. This aircraft is block from viewing by the public, via it’s owner WWE, INC. I just want to know if I type in my local airport and that plane is scheduled to be arriving/departing, will it show up like all the other planes that are scheduled. I know I can’t look at it’s current information, ie. flight status and what not, but I just want to know if it will show up in an airports arrival/departures lists on this site. Thanks.

Blocked flights will not appear on the airport boards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) had the answer as well as what Jreeves provided above.



In protest, I think we should start a thread listing blocked aircraft and where they go or where they are spoted.

Why? If someone wants to block his aircraft, why shouldn’t he be allowed to?

If there’s to be a protest, I think we should protest against all of the military C and U (C-21, U12, C130, etc) being blocked.

Maybe private aircraft should be able to use a private freq like the C and U aircraft. I view the FAA flight tracking information in the same light as the radio transmission I can pick up on my scanner over the public airwaves. It is public information based on use of a public system. Some privacy can be obtained by using seperate corporate registrations and/or flight numbers.

The military flights use the FAA facilities, albeit on a different frequency most times, than civilian aircraft.

That’s my point. So why not offer those frequencies to the private aircraft owners who don’t wish to be heard on the public frequencies?

Because you can still hear ATC talking on the other frequencies. You can hear ATC giving instructions to military aircraft but can’t hear the response.

It would be nice if you could see the track of a blocked aircraft. It would still be blocked, you wouldn’t know its origin or destination. I only say this because if I see an overflight that is not blocked, I would like to know if this is the aircraft I am looking at and not a blocked aircraft in the same vicinity.

Also, if you have a radio with UHF frequencies, you can hear both the controller and the pilot.

The flight you are looking at will be long and far gone down the road b4 you even saw the track on FA.

Having extraneous tracks on the map for blocked flights would be totally useless since you wouldn’t be able to tell if it was erroneous data or real deal data without an associated tail number.