Blocked flights

I see quite a few of these, and understand the reasoning behind them.

What does puzzle me is that they are not consistent with respect to airline. So a flight related to airline A may show as blocked, or may not. I’ve yet to see if it is a trend that relates to the route or is just random.

Also it seems that more often than not a blocked flight will show up clearly on FR24.

Are these “unblocked” flights correct or is it an error?

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From what I’ve noticed, the blocked flights will show up on flightradar24, but will not say who it belongs to. On flightaware, the flights show up on my stats, and say who it is, but won’t put it on the map.
edit: As far as the airlines, and what they have blocked, I haven’t noticed.

FR24 - blocked flights are military and private flights where people have asked that the details no be shown on aggregation sites (I believe there is a standard database for this)

Flight aware - these are flights where FA haven’t found a flight plan.

Position-only (no flightplan) flights don’t appear to the public but you can see them with some account types e.g. enterprise accounts (this covers active feeders too).

There are also separate blocklists maintained by various ANSPs (the FAA, etc) and FlightAware itself; FlightAware uses those to entirely block the aircraft from everyone, except for accounts specifically given access by the aircraft owner via selective unblocking (

Thanks for the replies, Gentlemen.

All the flights I’ve referred to have been standard scheduled airlines and routes, so it sounds like a lack of flight plan as stated.

@kc0rzw For me I get callsign, and the aircraft does show on the map. However, departure is just shown as near… no airline, type or destination. I know the airline, simple expedient of looking out the window hence I can relate it to others of same airline that do show up.

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do planes from blocklists show up in personal dump1090 when in reach of site - and do they mlat then if needed?

Those are the position only flights, either flightaware doesn’t have a flight plan associated with the flight, or sometimes they show up doubled up. I always assumed the registration number didn’t get put on the flight plan or something. I pick up a cargo flight every day on my feeder as a position only flight, with just the N-registration, then about 5 minutes later the flight shows up with the airline flight number with the source Minneapolis center.

The blocklists only affect the website (and other datafeeds derived from the same data); they don’t affect what your local Pi is doing at all.

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