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Recently unblocked, but now randomly showing up on FA

Our aircraft, N673 was recently blocked by the FAA by mistake. As of 5 days ago it had been unblocked. Now it randomly shows up on FA.

Is there anything more that needs to be done to make it visible all the time, like it was before the blunder?

Please enable “position-only flights” in your account settings. https://flightaware.com/account/manage
Flights for which we did not conclusively to determine an origin or destination airport will not be shown by default.

I will try that. But, I/we never had to do that before and it worked. In fact the other airplane N1983V has no problem at all being tracked. N673 is currently out going to several airports and only once did it pop up as an alert showing me the departure and destination. I’m suspicious it has to do with the fact that we were blocked and just recently were unblocked. Could they have screwed something up in that process?

Check the past flights here:

Then you can check if a flight is shown but doesn’t alert you.

Maybe alerts don’t work for position only flights?

We have the aircraft unblocked.

Did that mean that you did have it as blocked?


We respect the FAA’s block list (additions and removals from that list, which are date-effective). I’m not going to discuss particulars of blocked aircraft in a public forum. You are welcome to contact our support team directly at contact@flightaware.com if you have specific questions about your aircraft.

Blocking and tracking are independent features within FlightAware’s products. N673 is currently not blocked.

Thank you for the information.