Wow - I've never seen so many "Blocked" flights

I know that is a feature someone can use here -but I have never seen it before tonight - it is all over the place. I first saw it at KPWA - which I have never seen it since I have been a member at any airport on here & I went to kVNY & they are everywhere…what is going on or have I just missed something about an announcement!!! :blush:

I believe this is either an unannounced new feature or a bug. Previously, there was no indication of a blocked flight- all data was ommited. Now it appears we see that the flight existed and its origin and destination.

Okay - who is playing with my head - they are there & then they are not there - guess you all are getting a kick out of that!!! Or either the rapture is taking place!!! BLOCKED!!! i’m outta here… 8)

Beam me up Jesus… :arrow_right:

Yes, there is definitely something going on - that’s for sure - cause I just went back in & they are blocked again??? :question: :unamused: :frowning:

It is possible that a test is being deployed, or the new code has not propagated to all of the servers. Unil all the servers have the updates, what you see will depend on which machine services your request.

FA has always recieved the data for blocked flights- if you can show that you control the registration, you can selectively unblock registrations for your user code. Those of us without such access have been left in the dark!

Please see the other thread.