BLOCKED aircraft appears on departure arrival list.

Just noticed a BLOCKED flight, type BLK on the KDAL departure list, DEP. Thurs, 6:46pm CDT. enroute to KOSA.

Is this the norm now? If so, Great!

Apologies if I missed something, I remember seeing the idea brought forward in the forum a while ago, didn’t realize it had become reality.

No change to our policy, should be no change to the site, and I’m unable to duplicate what you saw.

I started a post about it somewhere else because they appear & disappear - the “blocked” ones - KPWA & KVNY

I was unable to find “BLK” when I looked at various airports at 18:10 PDT.

Didn’t see this thread- I did see “blocked” flights on the arrival and departure page- FLight num and type were listed as “BLOCKED”, but the origin airport was displayed. If I see it again, I will try to note the server number and get a screen shot.

2 are blocked right now at KPWA

As I type, BLOCKED planes can be found at CYQX, CYUL and KORD.

Just on the initial ARR.DEP screen. If you click on ‘more’, blocked aircraft do not show up there.

Hope I haven’t ruined a good thing here.

N238TS DA42 Santa Maria Pub (KSMX) 05:05p PDT 06:04p PDT
SJJ157 BE20 So California Logistics (KVCV) 05:31p PDT 05:49p PDT
** BLOCKED ** BLK Wiley Post (KPWA) 05:04p CDT 05:47p PDT
EJA627 C56X Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (KPHX) 04:33p MST 05:37p PDT
EJM25 LJ60 John Wayne Arpt (KSNA) 05:22p PDT 05:34p PDT
** BLOCKED** BLK Mc Carran Intl (KLAS) 04:50p PDT 05:27p PDT
** BLOCKED** BLK Wichita Mid-Continent (KICT) 04:42p CDT 05:20p PDT
N905RL LJ55 Eppley Airfield (KOMA) 04:18p CDT 05:10p PDT
N73CL WW24 Mc Carran Intl (KLAS) 04:14p PDT 04:52p PDT
EJM36 F2TH Dallas Love Field (KDAL) 03:59p CDT 04:30p PDT

Departures (More)
Ident Type To Depart Arrive
N51WA BE33 Montgomery Field (KMYF) 05:58p PDT 07:04p PDT
N535JM LJ35 Mc Carran Intl (KLAS) 05:24p PDT 06:00p PDT
EJA354 C560 Riverside Muni (KRAL) 05:18p PDT 05:39p PDT
EJA700 GALX Tucson Intl (KTUS) 05:15p PDT 06:30p MST
N68ES LJ31 Gowen Field (KBOI) 05:09p PDT 07:49p MDT
N588LS GLF4 Mc Carran Intl (KLAS) 05:07p PDT 05:53p PDT
N691RC GLF5 Sale (GMME) 04:39p PDT 10:10a GMT
N764PT C750 Los Angeles Intl (KLAX) 04:36p PDT 04:44p PDT
N32MJ GLF3 Mc Carran Intl (KLAS) 04:21p PDT 05:12p PDT
BLOCKED BLK Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (KPHX) 04:20p PDT 05:15p MST

those are all at kvny

Are y’all using the main site or the beta-fleetmaps site?

I’m on the main! But I get BLOCKED flights on both the DEV and the main.

Screenshot forth coming, but I ONLY get it on the developer site KVNY


Blocked flights can be seen at … 8199652306


I have a screenshot of PWA from the main site, but I don’t have a bit bucket or like to post it here. If need, I can send it to a mail address.

(I also looked at the page source, and couldn’t find a finger print of the machine that served it- I could forward that out as well if helpful).


BLOCKED ** BLK ** Abilene Rgnl (KABI) 06:17p CDT 09:44p EDT
CKL247 BE10 Indianapolis Intl (KIND) 06:00p EDT 06:49p EDT
N650MG C650 Detroit Metro Wayne Co (KDTW) 05:34p EDT 05:56p EDT
BLK Oakland County Intl (KPTK) 05:08p EDT 05:32p EDT
**BLK ** Dupage (KDPA) 01:21p CDT 02:54p EDT
XAKIM CL60 Licenciado Adolfo Lopez
Mateos Int’l (MMTO) 02:30p GMT 02:15p EDT
** BLOCKED ** **BLK ** Metropolitan Oakland Intl (KOAK) 06:58a PDT 01:47p EDT
N72WC LJ25 Lester B Pearson Int’l (CYYZ) 12:29p EDT 01:10p EDT
N4441T C441 Toronto/City Centre (CYTZ) 12:08p EDT 01:08p EDT
NWD261 H25C Baltimore/Washington Intl (KBWI) 11:48a EDT 12:52p EDT

Departures (More)
Ident Type To Depart Arrive
N563RM SR22 Burke Lakefront (KBKL) 08:05p EDT 08:05p EDT
CKL800 H25B Indianapolis Intl (KIND) 07:35p EDT 08:05p EDT
CKL247 BE10 Indianapolis Intl (KIND) 07:23p EDT 08:17p EDT
** BLOCKED** BLK ** Metropolitan Oakland Intl (KOAK) 06:00p EDT 07:10p PDT
BLK Port Columbus Intl (KCMH) 05:41p EDT 06:11p EDT
N536M B190 Gerald R. Ford Intl (KGRR) 05:38p EDT 05:53p EDT
N611TM C210 Huron Rgnl (KHON) 04:38p EDT 07:08p CDT
N376NC PA31 Outagamie County Rgnl (KATW) 02:53p EDT 02:51p CDT
N72WC LJ25 Elkhart Muni (KEKM) 01:41p EDT 01:53p EDT
N4441T C441 Elkhart Muni (KEKM) 01:34p EDT 01:46p EDT

Can only see BLOCKED at CYQX on DEV site. must go, but I look forward to the outcome.

Thanks for all the reports, I’ve found the issue.


None, no type, call it a glitch at this time :smiley: (Read this thread, and probably a clue will be given) LOL


Fixed eh’!?!

In a way that’s too bad. It was interesting knowing the true sequence of arr / dep with the BLOCKED aircraft included.

I know it goes against the license agreement FA has with the FAA but the info is no more significant than if I parked off an active runway with a laptop and tracked planes that way.

Just BLOCKED would be fine and exclude the origin and destined airport.

Still best site around… and thanks for all the effort mduell.

edit for spelling, again!

Well duh. Some of you people really are stupid and need to learn when to keep quiet… :unamused:

Sorry but it just had to be said. :imp: