Do all 'Blocked Aircraft' still show up on the map???


I noticed that Cessna Mustang N325RR is a ‘Blocked’ aircraft.
Twice last ween while checking Live Tracking for the C510,
I noticed N325RR.

Just wondering if all ‘Blocked’ aircraft still show up on the
Flightaware Map?


They shouldn’t. Did it show up in the list of aircraft or just on the map?


It may not have been on the list below the map?, probably not.

But it appeared twice last week on the map when I entered C510 in the flight tracker. At the time I forgot N325RR was blocked, I only thought of it after the fact.

I will re-post my answer!, next time it pops up.

I also noted on Feb 2, two Swiss CJ’s on delivery out of ICT for YUL on their way overseas, HB-VMA and HB-VOP, as the aircraft are brand new, and foreign registered, any idea how they show up on Flightaware?


WOW! I never thought I’d be able to teach robreid anything. Please take this as the compliment as it was intended. You always have the Scoop! Thanks! 8)


I may have asked the question backwards??? My fault…

In relation to this post; … ght=#31723 “Foreign (not US or Canada) registrations (tail and ICAO codes) need to request with the FAA that they be included in the ASDI feed.” (From Flightaware Staff).

I just thought it odd, that two Swiss CJ’s, on delivery, would show up on the Flightaware system. If in fact they both signed up, then that would make sense. It’s not like the CJ’s other than delivery will be flying around America, but who knows, maybe the pilots family, or aircraft owners were following as I was?

I was looking at Flight Tracking for IDP, and ICT to see if there were any new Mustangs out and about, and saw both of the Swiss CJ’s. I was more curious if somehow they slipped thru the system, but if they have to actually sign up, then I ‘guess’ I already have my answer? Interesting ocean crossings.


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Those Swiss registrations may be reused and the previous owner/aircraft requested to be included in the feed.


Here is another example of a brand new aircraft, brand new registration, and foreign registered on delivery.

I am unaware of a previous PT-FLO, and it would seem odd for a little Mustang, that will probably just be flown locally in South America, to register with the FAA?

I’m certainly not complaining, just curious as to why it is showing up at all, I wish all the foreign aircraft did!

Maybe the FAA asdi feed paperwork is just one of the many things new Cessna owners have in front of them when they are signing Cessna/FAA paperwork before receiving their new aircraft?


Interesting, BAC III N162W owned by Grumman, is a blocked aircraft.
Yet while in the air, it shows 1 BAC III as airbourne.

When you click on BAC III, it shows none flying, but it still shows the blocked aircrafts registration/or flight number, it’s position, departure point, and destination.



I have noticed the same thing, If you have a blocked aircraft as “my aircraft” in your profile, it will show up while the plane is flying but not give any info of past flights.


I don’t know if this is a “problem” or not. But here’s another data point…

When I look at mustangs airborne…

I can see N1EL on the map (currently VNY to DAL) but I get the “blocked” message when I click this link:

I’m not griping, just presenting what I saw.


All aircraft flying are shown when looking at airborne aircraft, including those that are blocked.


Blocked aircraft should not be shown anywhere. We’re looking into why N1EL was shown.


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READ what I said. **“All aircraft flying are shown when looking at airborne aircraft, including those that are blocked.” **

First of all, I never said they showed up on the map.

Second of all, I never said the exact flight ID was shown for those aircraft that are blocked.

Third of all, what the hell is your problem? Do you get your jollies by degrading anything and everything I say? Have you grown tired of kicking puppies and kitties so you need to figuratively kick me?

Take a look at the aircraft type listing. Pick one of the biz jet types. You’ll notice that it may say, for example, 8 G200’s are flying. If you click on the aircraft code, you may only see 5 or 6 aircraft active. The rest are blocked. This is especially true for the Fokker 70 operated by Ford. Every time I’ve seen the code for the 70 and clicked on it, it shows no aircraft airborne.


Sorry, I misread your post. The counts on will include blocked aircraft.