Locally detected planes not always showed on website


Hi all,

I’m really new to ADS-B receiving, so please forgive me when I answer some stupid questions…

Today I was wondering why I was seeing some planes on my local map (local IP:8080), but strangely enough they weren’t showing up at the FlightAware website. I’ve observed this for some time, and according to the website I’m uploading data, but not everything. So I assume the application at the RPi runs fine and the router settings are okay. Because otherwise nothing would upload.

The linked image shows flight ZXP25 (a dutch police helicopter) hovering in the area, but this was one not showing up at the map on the FlightAware website nor is the flightnumber known. Nevertheless I’ve observed this also with regular commercial planes as well as airforce flights.

What’s going on here…?



Private users, Companies and Government agencies can request that their location information not be publicly available.
You still get to see it on your local feed.


Hello Ronald,

Which flightaware site are you watching ?
Perhaps there is no display of MLAT traffic ?

PS, i send you an PM.

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