Newcomer Still Confused - Low Flying Airplanes

Hello out there!

Happy New Year!

I am still confused on why local flying airplanes not showing.

Got helpfull help here from some of the guys who knows more than me, but despite having followed hints on adding “commands” to the file ‘’ so it beca,e this PROG_ARGS=“–gain -10 --enable-agc --phase-enhance --modeac --quiet --no-rtlsdr-ok --net --net-ro-size 500 --net-ro-rate 5 --net-buffer 5” then still despite having line-of-sight the to approach flight path I do not see any of the approaching planes.

  1. Using the Live Flight Tracking the airplanes are tracked (see photo A)
  2. Using the MAP (IP + 8080) at same time as the plans can be 1) seen via the Live Flight Tracking, 2) visually I can see the planes approachin the airport. Direct distance to flight path 1 - 1.5 Km, visually the planes some 8-10Km from my antenna and 3) Not on the map (see photo B.


Cheers Steen

Note that in your first image, that is an estimated position - Flightaware doesn’t actually have position data for it, it’s just predicting a position.

I looked at that particular flight across a few days and there was no ADS-B positions registered from it at all in the tracklogs - are you sure it’s actually transmitting?

I found this: … nglish.pdf

which says that “with respect to ADS-B, Venezuela has foreseen its implementation after 2015.”

So there may just not be much traffic to listen to …

Hi obj,

Had planned a long set of answers, but then in your last post you problerly hit the nail.

I assumed that any aircraft going to and leaving the US needed to use ADS-B…

Where we live we have some 15-20 airplanes going to / leaving from the local airport and none apaprently uses ADS-B :astonished:(, but at least the planes going to and from Brazil I can track and I see I am properly the only one who trackes them when they fly over Venezuela.

In a few weeks I will go back to work and I will bring a new Raspberry PI+ with me, and hopefully I will have “better” luck there than here.
I assume I can have two recivers at two different locations - with different station names, but related to my FA account.

Cheers and thanks again for helping a newcomer!