Another '"is my setup working?"

I dont have anything specific that makes me think it isnt, its just that I’m trying to understand the graphs and message rates etc, learning curve. I’m seeing plenty of aircraft on the map so I think its ok?

I’m using the Pro Stick Plus and a 3dBi ADS-B 1090Mhz antenna outside about 4 meters up.

Any advice or suggestions appreciated

In order to give you advice we need more than this graph :slight_smile:
At first sight this seems fine, but it doesn’t say anything about your gain settings, the range you get etc.
So post some more from Graphs1090 so we can see what your setup is doing.

Thank you, I wasnt sure in how much was too much.

Here are some more graphs. Hope these help





Looking at your graphs there’s nothing wrong with your setup.
The range is a little low but that could be because of limiting factors such as terrain. Other thing is the antenna, 3dB amplification is not enhancing your reception.
But if it suits your expectation that’s fine as well.

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Thank you for taking the time to have a look.

yeah the antenna isnt too flash at the moment, moving house soon so will be reviewing options then.

Terrain is an issue, have a mountain range a couple of kilometers behind me and about 20 kilometers to my south. Aircraft mostly come in over the range with the airport being about 10-15kms away.

But happy that there are no major issues.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

I went over to your stats page and was able to determine approximately where you are in the world. It looks like you’re in a valley with low mountains to the East and rolling hills to the north and west. I wouldn’t expect aircraft to be flying much farther away than what you’re picking up to the South!

A better antenna and giving that antenna some altitude will go a long way to improving your reception, but I wouldn’t expect huge gains from the investment. Mostly I’d expect you’ll pick up aircraft at a longer distance especially to the North and West, but since that’s relatively unpopulated territory outside your city it’ll be mostly an increase in position data and not a large number of additional aircraft. That would be my guess, at least.

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Well, I’ve never gotten this before and my rpi pings 3ms just fine.

Thank you for having a look. You are pretty much spot on in relation to the terrain.

Might leave the setup as it is for now and review it in a couple of months when I move.

Thanks again

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Looking at your Range and Signal Level graphs, looks ok. One option you could try is to set the gain at the -10 level which is actually around 58 db or so. You still have some room at the upper level and your lower level signals are around the minimal we see using the Blue Flightaware dongles. This is just an experiment to see what works and it may or may not improve your results.

As fhmiii above mentions, better antennas and higher antenna heights are often the most important things to improve how our systems work. Have fun, see what works and what doesn’t. The have fun part is the most important thing.

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