Aircraft detected vs position reported

Hi all,

After installing the antenna in semi-permanent way(not much…just 13 ft from the ground),I see the range and number of aircraft detected both has increased so much,now it’s more than 100 per day and nearly 300 Km.But the position reported hasn’t increased in that extent,is there any kind of problem?Well,the receiver gain is set to 35.

hi arush,

congratulations! very cool you now see more than 4 times the aircrafts than before :slight_smile: and yes you are right the message rate seems to be too low. i think a higher/better antenna-position will help.
but as i told you before as far as i know the support for flightfeeders is mostly in direct way than via the forum. i’d send them an email and i’m sure they will support you with all things regarding first setup and install of the new flightfeeder.

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Hi Tom,
Yes,it’s like you are having aircrafts, you are having range but you don’t have positions!! Like Heisenberg’s uncertainty law!!:grin:. I wrote to ads-b support already,lets see.



yes but probably based on much simpler physics effect :slight_smile: i have the same effect if i use an antenna inside the lower flat of my house. from lot aircrafts here and then a message overcomes all walls and surrounding hills but not very often. so my message rate drops more than the received aircrafts …

Ummmm…see what I have done,in orange you can set the receiver gain manually,I found if it is very high then msg rate increases but range decreases and vice versa so I am trying to find out the optimum value of it by trial and error,I guess I have got lilbit success :thinking:,check my stats :man_mechanic:

Hi Arush, I got a PM & you asked me what antenna i used for my radar. I use self made co-liner antenna & PCB antenna as well & i use FA Blue modem in several radar. Along with FA Blue modem, i dont have to use the best antenna for maximum coverage. 6 piece co-liner antenna is enough for <250nm coverage.

You may get my reply as well with email. It seems you have connection with Bengali language. Are you BD nationalist ?

তোমাকে ইমেইল এ উত্তর দিয়েছি বড় করে, দেখো।এই বোধহয় forum এ প্রথম বাংলায় কিছু লেখা হল।:point_left::grinning: