Tracking our Bahamian registered plane?


While most of the aircraft in our flight department are N numbered, we’ve just added a second C6-*** plane. We’ve been able to track the first but not the second aircraft. It’s never been blocked, it just says it can’t find it. What do we need to do?


Unless you specifically request non-US registered aircraft to be unfiltered in the ASDI feed from the FAA they won’t show.


Foreign registrations are not included in our feed from the FAA by default. Email me ( the identification that it flies under (C6ABC, ABC123, etc) and the name/address of the registered owner and I can have it added.


I have found this very interesting. Once we had a large group of German and Swiss aircraft flying to the US and FlightAware displayed all the HB- registrations (Switzerland) but not the D- German registrations.

It would be very useful to be able to see all of the foreign aircraft on FlightAware, it would make it easier for us to see which rare planes are flying in and out to our home airport as many of these foreigners are simply “not found”.



Tomas, see my original reply. That is the answer to all your questions.