Facility to Track Foreign Registrations


Hey FlightAware,

With the growing ammount of airplanes being registered in Central America, more specifically Costa Rica (TI-), it would be a very good idea to include more foreign registrations on the flight data.

We all know that the FAA feed includes tonnes of data, including foreign registrations and flights that are filtered by Flightaware.

It is curious that we can track Swiss registrations (HB-) but not from the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland and most of the european countries.

These countries have many airplanes flying in and out FAA airspace and a lot of people would like to know this information as well as FBOs using FlightAware.

Hopefully more people will be in favour of this.

Thanks for the attention!

Tomas Cubero
San Jose, Costa Rica


Hi Tomas;
This is one of the favorite questions asked.
Here is a partial answer from the FAQ section here.

My airplane’s tail number starts with something other than N (e.g., XA-, VP-, etc.) and isn’t showing up. How can I add it?
Please e-mail us the aircraft tail number/identification, the name of your company, your address, as well as contact name with their phone number and e-mail address. Once we have received this information, we will send a request to the FAA and generally be able to begin tracking your aircraft within two weeks.


Hey there,

Yes I have read this before but this applies only for one plane, I am talking about generalizing a whole countires registration, I am sure a lot of people would like to see this.



The filtering of foreign registrations and airlines is performed by the FAA. Individual foreign operators can request to be included as indicated above.

The only flights we filter are those on the NBAA BARR list and operators that request filtering (usually as a temporary measure until the BARR list is updated).


Ok, that clears it up, I understood that all data was received and the FAA just transmitted it to flighttrackers which then they filtered.

At any rate, couldn’t FlightAware request to the FAA to feed to them foreign registrations? This is probably too much to ask but I would like to know what you guys from FA think about this or if it could even be possible, after all, we would like to see such information displayed to us, specially on our local airports.



No; the FAA has decided to exclude foreign operators from the feed unless the operator requests to be included.


Ok, thanks for clearing the issue up, hopefully in the future we will see this change.

Thanks again!