foreign resgistrations

How can one track a foreign, not Canadian, registered aircraft, not an airline flight, eg, 9V-SKA or F-WWEA (both A380s)? When I put the former in as a tail # it searches for N9VSKA.

Foreign registrations are not included in our feed from the FAA by default and I doubt the operator requested inclusion.

Here’s all the A388s we’ve seen:

 DLH8940 | A388         | EDDF      | KJFK
 DLH8941 | A388         | KJFK      | KORD
 DLH8943 | A388         | KORD      | KJFK
 DLH8945 | A388         | KJFK      | EDDF
 DLH8948 | A388         | EDDF      | KIAD
 DLH8949 | A388         | KIAD      | EDDF

I guess the Engine Alliance tour (and any other A388 visits) was done under tail number and not included in our feed.

The YVR visits used Airbus flight numbers AIBxxx.

We’ve never seen an AIB ident, so it’s probably considered a foreign carrier that is not included in our feed from the FAA by default.

FA knows who AIB is, but the plans would rarely show in US airspace. Maybe watch LAX on November 28th for the next (proposed) A380.

AIB is filtered in the ASDI feed, ie. it doesn’t show up on trackers. It would need someone at Airbus or someone with contacts within the FAA :laughing: to unfilter it.


I’ve seen aircraft show up with VP (British Virgin Islands) and D (German), so not all foreign tail numbers are blocked

There are foreign registrations shown in FlightAware.

VP doesn’t indicate the British Virgin Islands. The correct code, along with other VP- codes, are shown below:

VP-A Anguilla
VP-B Bermuda
VP-L British Virgin Islands
VP-C Cayman Islands
VP-F Falkland Islands
VP-G Gibraltar
VP-M Montserrat

For the complete list of nationality codes see ICAO’s Aircraft Registration Marks