Tracking non US registerd aircraft??

Is it possible to track an aircraft that has no N Number? I’m looking for a Nigerian aircraft that is on its way to my facility for maintenance.

If it’s not being flown under a 3 letter flight ID then just enter the registration without the dash, e.g. 5N-ABC would be entered as 5NABC.

However, I’m not sure how FlightAware will handle a registration beginning with 5N (Nigeria’s country code).

What is the registration?

Yeah, thought wold work as well but the the system places an N at the beginning, Im looking for 5N DGN, Last known location New York, Ive tried all kinds of reverse style look ups thru JFK and LaGuardia, didnt think it would be so hard to find.

I tried TEB also.
Where are you located?

Foreign registered aircraft are excluded from our feed by default, but can be included by request from the aircraft owner.

I’m curious about this. Is this all foreign aircraft? There seems to be an awful lot of Canadian registered aircraft shown. Does this mean they all opted in?

Except Canada. Probably as a result of the cooperation between NavCanada and the FAA getting the Canadian data into ASDI.

Don’t know if this is any use, but I saw a “spotters” report of seeing it at Battle Creek (Kellogg), MI on April 13