why cant I get up to date info on my comapany’s planes? Ehen I ask for a tailnumber I get useless info on legs that are nearly a year old. I want todays info!


You know something? It would really, really help if you provided registration numbers. Just saying “my company’s planes” doesn’t help us to help you.

The displayed data only goes back a few months so how could the data you are seeing be nearly a year old?

One thing you might consider: the n-numbers may have been blocked since a year ago.


In answer to your question; yes, I know alot more than something after 13,000 hours. Would you like to know all 534 registration numbers or just a few?

The tracking displayed was 299 days old and I found the tracking was only showing the international flights.

While the tracking says to interogate using N numbers the tracker did not find the planes using N numbers. Once I used the flight plan filed company call sign I got good tracking since we only use N number as call sign for international flights. So I figured it out myself, it’s not an airline but the tracker prefers call sign anyway.

Thanks for your reply even though it started out insulting…and I prefer to keep the company info to myself.


Would like to know all 534 aircraft registrations. Sounds like you work for a fractional jet operator. NetJets?

Anyway, I wasn’t trying to insult you, even though, as we found out, you have 13,000 hours of something. What I was pointing out is that for us to help with a question, we need data to help you with.

As you found out, if an aircraft operates under a call sign then the N number will not show up.

Glad you were able to deduce this.


No need to be a smart ass. All the info here is straight from the FAA, and if you didn’t file plans under the N number, it should have made sense that it didn’t show up under said N number.


Wow! He is certainly mighty proud of his “13000 hours”. Even went so far as to put it right there in his profile. And he “prefers to keep the company to himself”?!?! Because telling us that you have 534 aircraft isn’t enough to figure out what company it is? That attitude reminds me of the young captain who had an argument with his FO and then told the FO to " Shut the #@^& up, Sit on your #*^@%! hands, and Don’t say another &(%#%^& word!" The FO then did as he was told, and kept his mouth shut as he watched the captain land the aircraft gear up!!


My friend, who is the reason for my joining this forum - to learn more about aviation - taught me a valuable lesson unrelated to aviation. Although you’ll rarely hear it from him and have to dig it out of him with a shovel, he has over three times 13,000 hours at something and probably doesn’t even keep track anymore. He’s not even a commercial pilot. His valuable advice is this: “Humility is first taught by the parents. Then the rest is learned by experience.” Well, I guess that indirectly applies to aviation as well.

(sorry about the run-on sentence Dami :wink: )


Humility? Did you see one of my landings??? Talk about humbling!


Track EJA### instead of N###QS.