Are D-registered flights shown?


I’m expecting a D-registered flight from BGBW to CYOW over the weekend. will it show up on Flightaware?


Foreign registrations (and airlines) are not included in our ASDI feed from the FAA by default, however the operator may request inclusion by contacting us.


Think I can confidently say that I havent seen (m)any D-I…, D-C…, D-B…, D-A… aircraft appear on the site to date even when deliveries/movements known to be taking place.
Another problem might be, like some canadian registered aircraft, that a flight with callsign D-CABA might pick up the airline DCA as the flight - have a look at some of the oddball CF or CG flights that appear in view all airborne.
Aside from the NBAAaaarr (and boy isnt that growing fast), how much more are we missing by default? Shame.