Tail Numbers

Are there any new airlines added to the list of those whose tail numbers can be used for tracking? So far I can only see Delta, Continental, United, and Frontier. It would be nice if the guru’s at flightaware can keep us updated on the spread of this feature. Are the regional airlines (like ASA, Pinnacle, etc) going to be included? I would tend to think they’d already be up since they operate flights on behalf of mainline carriers whose tail numbers are already up. (i.e., Delta Connection)

I did ask this some time ago but information was not forthcoming.

The Continental reg tracking doesn’t work properly as the vast majority of EWR-Caribbean flights don’t appear.

The four you listed and TACA are the only airlines with US registered aircraft that we have registrations for. The regionals operate as completely separate airlines.

We also have registrations for Air Canada, Air Berlin, Turkish, Air China, Singapore, etc but the web interface doesn’t recognize their foreign registrations yet.

We have registrations for >90% of Continental’s Caribbean flights from EWR in the last week.

I believe ExpressJet is coming soon.

I’m curious why those particular airlines - Turkish, Singapore, China, Air Berlin - are targeted for tail # tracking soon when the overwhelming majority of their flights are outside flightaware’s coverage area… and why not other popular airlines like Southwest that are mostly within your area aren’t covered.

I understand there is a Flightaware Europe (?), but isn’t the American market for your product significantly larger? Anyway, if there is a Flightaware Europe, many flight tracks to/from Europe are incomplete, so Im not sure what that does.

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Where are you displaying them then because they are not on this site!

CO show the REGs on their website and I also hear them on HF via selcal but if you type in the REG for an active flight all you get is the next scheduled leg and not the active flight.


DAL is getting more broken by the day as well. :frowning:

N641DL was DAL384 on 19 July SYCJ-KJFK but there’s nothing in the list for it. However, if you click on the next leg and then click the inbound flight it tries to pull up a link to a non-existant airport! And fails…

There should be a dedicated ‘Bugs’ forum on here. :bulb:

Would like some notice if/when Southwest is put up.

When will we be able to track American Airlines tail numbers. I also cant track a tail number that ends in NN.