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Hey guys,

I know that the BARR program was lifted 2 months ago, however when will blocked aircraft become viewable on flightaware, i.e aircraft such as N1DC? Thanks


#2 … e-2011.pdf … 20Deadline


It’ll be great to be able to see where stock-owner owned aircraft are operating. As a owner of stock in several companies, I have no problem with aircraft being used for business purposes. I get a little suspicious, though, when I see aircraft flying to Aspen often in the winter time or an equivalent resort in the summer time.

That business about using “security” as a reason to block the tail number is pure BS. The only security these people want is the security of know that their stockholders don’t know where the company plane(s) is (are).


The program is scheduled to change on August 2, but NBAA and others are currently pursuing the matter in courts. The change in the program will mean that some aircraft may no longer be blocked, but aircraft blocking is not going away in general.


Hey Dbaker- do you think that protecting company propriety info will fall under the “security” blanket?
there are a 4 Air Ambulance companies in S. Florida that have their numbers blocked so that the competition can’t see what their doing.


It will depend on the company’s specific situation. Wanting to protect privacy is not a justification for security, but if they have had issues in the past, they can self certify that a security concern exists.


It has nothing to do with security it’ll all come down to how much money each corporate owner has given politicians…


How will this directly affect sites such as flightaware? I believe BARR prevented the data from being sent by the FAA. Once BARR is lifted, and the data is streamed, will flightware be offering selective flight blocking, if you can prove you are the owner or owner’s representative?

If so, will this be a paid service?

Can the government prevent sites such as flightaware from providing selective blocking on their own once BARR is no longer in effect?


There’s no change to the process or technical aspects.


Had two previously blocked aircraft show up today on scheduled/en-route KSAT, N195SV & N375SC, even had them on the map, but when you click the tail number it goes to the not available for tracking page?


FlightAware’s blocking is time-based in some cases, so there are some aircraft in limbo if they filed a flight plan when blocked but are flying unblocked. The situation will sort itself out.


If one were curious, the Wall Street Journal was able to take a FOI and place it into a viewable file of blocked a/c registrations:

I just wish there was a way to copy it and import to Excel to sort.


Looks like the owners of N45AE managed to keep on the list. I’ll bet my last $10 they lied to stay on it.

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Edit: stopping here at KSAT this evening… … /KVNY/KSAT
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Looks like the “Dot Con” is already starting. I would venture to guess this is a NASCAR driver:


That would be great!


So if a tail number has not flown since 8-02, we may still get the “This aircraft (NXXXXX) is not available for tracking per request from the owner/operator” message?


Yep. Or if it’s still blocked.


Thanks. Other aircraft by the same owner are no longer blocked. I am assuming it just has not flown since 8-02.

There is another oddity when I look at the flights on “My FlightAware”. There I can see a flight (on 8-07) but when I click the tail for detail I get the blocked message. I’m assuming that’s just a glitch when the flight plan was filed?


Can you screencap the blocked message? I think I found the aircraft you’re talking about and it shows the most recent 4 flights (all in August) to non-privileged users.