Weird flight track


I looked at my flight track afterwards and it shows a big circle and ending well before my arrival at my destination airport. What gives?




Did you cancel IFR about halfway? Looks like an early cancellation, but that could be the controller’s error.
As for the circle, did you fly that on a previous VFR flight? I see a couple flights in the tracklog, meaning that ATC reported your position, but never ended your flight.


I did cancel about 5 miles out for a visual approach but why would other VFR flight data get mixed into this flight? Later yesterday I did a practice ILS into LVK and then continued onto RHV VFR. Later on I was questioned by the RHV controller if we were IFR into LVK. I know this is kinda off topic, but wanted to include in case it might have something to do with it.



Your more recent VFR flights are being added to the map from your last IFR flight (look at the map now… I guess you went flying again today?). We don’t receive any information on VFR flights (or some local IFR flights) except for position data, so we add that to the map but can’t update the details.


I should mention that in a meeting on Friday with the project manager for mapping, we worked out a new mechanism to better handle VFR aircraft and distinguish them from subsequent IFR flights, so folks can expect that in the near future.


Yes I flew mulitple times that day. Started with the IFR flight, did 2 VFR flights, then the practice ILS approach.