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Info on Central Air Southwest?

I am wondering if anyone has any information on Central Air Southwest


I tried to contact them regarding their routings and clients in Ohio but no one has responding. I am basically wondering why they fly to KCGF and or KBKL, both airports in Northeast Ohio. If anyone has any information they would like to share on the airline that would be great! I am a photographer and recently they have ramped up their flights to my area and I am wondering the reasoning.


Their flights are on FlightAware using the code CTL.
A few of their flights:

Could be any number of things. Could be passenger charters for a company that is performing work at a remote site. Could be a cargo run for a manufacturer, something very common to auto industry suppliers. Could be that they picked up a contract for medical lab work or bank documents (not so common these days).

Go hang out at the FBO at the airport and ask the pilot. He or she just might tell ya.

I was at KBKL and CTL had some Aero Commander 500B’s so I asked what they were there for. The pilot told me when National City merged with PNC, the system never had all checks added. Because of this CTL flies canceled checks in. They also fly other cargo such as organs and lab samples for the area hospitals.

Any further information on the airline?