Hi guys,

Just looking through my past sightings at TEB and I was wondering if anyone
could help me with a tail number. UEJ750 which is operated by Universal Executive
Aviation using the callsign ‘Jetcorp.’ It’s a Lear 55 but not sure of the tail number.

Anyone know?

Thanks :slight_smile:


ujet.com/fleet/N55UJ/N55UJ.htm I’m just guessing as UEJ750s last activity was 5 years ago, usally the tail number is part of the callsign but I don’t see any LR55s with 750 in the tail number.


Hey there,

Thank you for the reply. I think what you sent me is Unijet, which is still around and you’re right. It usually tends to do something with the registration. This company I’m looking for might not even be around anymore, it uses the callsign Jet Corp. So I don’t think 750 is referring to the tail number.


United Jet seems to have ceased operations.

I found the following tie-ups all from several years back but there looks to be no correlation between callsign and tail number.

Jetcorp 100 N188TG Gates Learjet 60 Sep-06 UEJ100
Jetcorp 150 N660AS Gates Learjet 60 Dec-03 UEJ150
Jetcorp 300 N273MG Gates Learjet 55 Sep-04 UEJ300
Jetcorp 350 N122LX Gates Learjet 55 Dec-06 UEJ350
Jetcorp 600 N550HG Gates Learjet 55 Feb-04 UEJ600
Jetcorp 700 N574DA Gates Learjet 60 Feb-04 UEJ700
Jetcorp 850 N730M Gates Learjet 60 Aug-07 UEJ850

So your LJ55 could have been any one of three (or more).


Yeah so looking at those tail numbers, there could be a possibility that the callsign has nothing to do with the tail number.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: