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United 737-200?

Looks like this flight (United 1037) is being operated by a 732? Is this real or a glitch?

Looks like United 1233 has the same thing showing up. This can’t be for real can it?

Glitch. It’s being operated by 737-824 N36272.

Must be an error. I dont show any 200s active for UAL

How did you find out the registration?

And yeah, i sort of figured it was a glitch after seeing the second one

Nose numbers for all United flights are available on flight status on united.com - these can then be converted into Tail numbers using the various fleet lists available on the internet.

Airline sent us 73X which used to mean B732 but apparently doesn’t anymore, we’ll get this corrected.

oh yeah, i knew something was wrong when flightaware indicated there were 12 732’s flying right now LOL.

NAC is a -200 SGB I don’t know.

They have 4 737-232 and a single 737-301.

I saw this a few weeks ago too. I believe they are operated by 738’s.