Registration numbers

I’ve been tracking one of the new UAL 787s with the registration number N45905. Right now a plane with this number is flying from IAH to ORD, but it shows as a 737-900. How is this possible!? Is it just a mistake? Can someone explain this?

Look at ,all the previous and future flights are B788, just an error on the airlines data submitted.

Thanks. In the meantime I checked activity logs of UAL’s other aircraft and it looks like these mistakes happen quite often. For example, the same thing happened today with N20904.

I would demand a refund of your membership fee for such shoddy service…

I have nothing to demand - my basic membership is free. Plus, it is not FA’s fault. No need for this sarcasm. But seriously, why do people have to do such a sloppy job?

Right now another UAL’s 787 (N26906) is flying as a 757-300. Or is it actually a 757-300 with a different registration number mistakenly entered? It is confusing and annoying. And if this is not important (because most people would say, “who cares!?”), why to bother at all with all these statistics?

+1 for who cares. Ranting here does no good. Call UA.

I’m sure the United dispatchers would love to hear from you.

Look who got re-elected and you’ll find your answer.

GREAT point :slight_smile: