Did this really use a 787 today (1/20/13) I wonder ...


No; it also didn’t fly off into the gulf of mexico.

Right now the best place to find out what A/C is flying is the airline itself, the sources of FA’s flight tracking is not being updated since the grounding of the 787’s

N38417 739ER

Here’s another example: LAN603 was operated by a 763, not a 787, on 20/1.

The airline continues to indicate 787 to us.

The continuation of the flight from IAH certainly did, just as it does every day.

So it appears on United’s site the flight in question uses 739s or 764s for the ORD>IAH portion.

I have been checking UAL’s web. It says a 787 on the schedule, then on the status page it gives either a 787 or whatever a/c is going that day. Today it was a 764. I think they used a 777 the other day, also a 739. I am on the flight Sunday 27-January (my whole point of that trip segment being to try out the 787). I was hoping - in the face of the 787 grounding - at least a 777 for my trip, even a 764. I had upgraded to economy premium and was worried about my seat assignment. United sent me an email this morning advising my seat has been changed, still an economy premium, by the window as requested earlier, and the flight is scheduled with a 764 on Sunday. Nice of them to tell me! : ) Of course I gave up any hope of the 787 “issues” being resolved by Sunday, long ago. Oh well, I will try again someday.