UA 787 IAH to EHAM



Thats a nice long Training flight. Wonder if the Cabin crew and employees were on it for training?


Could also be a proving flight.


Ual has to do around 100 hrs of proving runs before it enters service because they’re the. First us operator. Will be going to rjaa next week I believe.


With the stop in Keflavik yesterday that almost certainly points to proving flights. For those unfamiliar the FAA monitors proving flights with teams of inspectors in the cockpit, the cabin, at the dispatch office, hangar etc. The flights are planned as if it were a normal flight with the FAA throwing an occasional curve-ball, for instance the diversion to Keflavik.


UAL 787 #2 is in the air en route to IAH

Operating as UAL6866 … /KPAE/KIAH

Anyone know the registration?


N26906 :slight_smile:


New UAL 787 Registrations that will soon be delivered.



They have completed the proving flights and have FAA paperwork in hand. First passenger flight is Sunday morning IAH-ORD.