UAL777 @ RDU?

According to FlightAware, there is a flight from RDU to IAD every day using a United 777. The flight number is UAL918. I was curious, so I investigated further. It happens to be that this flight is used with an A320. I think that this needs to be changed, for accuracy purposes. :slight_smile:

I don’t see it listed here in the flights between those airports: … ationName=

Additionally, FA is showing UAL918 IAD to LHR (Heathrow)

Could you provide a link to what you are seeing?

Well, I see one here:

It’s a future flight, though, so the aircraft type is based on what the previous aircraft type has been for the same flight number, right? So the fact that FA is saying that this flight from RDU to IAD is going to be operated by a 777 doesn’t hold much weight.

If you can find a past flight from RDU to IAD that FA says is operated by a 777, that would be another matter entirely.

You do realize that FA just repeats information received from the FAA and the aircraft type is specified by the flight plan filer, not the FAA nor FA.

Plus, your example could easily be a case of an aircraft being used for a flight leg (RDU-IAD) in order to return it to its normal service (IAD-LHR) after maintenance.


Yes, of course.

I remember some discussion on the thread about UAL’s last 737 flight, which they operated under flight number UA737, which is normally flown by an A320. The day after the farewell flight, FA listed the equipment on the regularly scheduled UA737 flight as being a 737, because that was the last aircraft type used on that flight. Once the plane actually took off, the data was corrected.

I doubt that there has been a scheduled past flight using a 777. The probability that there has been a flight using a 777 because of repositioning or having maintenance on the regular aircraft is possible, but I don’t see how it could mess up the entire thing.

Hope this helps clear things up :wink:

We’re aware of this issue that happens sometimes. We don’t get the equipment type until a few hours before the flight, so we make a prediction (in italics) and sometimes it doesn’t get updated with the correct info.

Looks like a recurring item. The first entry is an hour and 20 minutes late, and counting…