UAL 947


On flightaware it says that this flight(IAD->LAX) for today and yesterday is a 744. If I go to book on it says 777. What gives? Which is correct? I’ve never flown a 747 and would like to take this flight if it is a 747.


Also, I was looking at buying a ticket on United’s website. If I go to flight status it says 777 for today and 747 for yesterday. Do they interchange on this route?


Quite often, an airline will substitute the regularly scheduled aircraft for another one. This is usually due to maintenance problems or problems with the originally scheduled aircraft getting to the airport (e.g. weather delays at the aircraft’s origin).

Then, too, there’s also the possibility that the aircraft type was incorrectly entered into the flight plan.


Until the filed flightplan came in for today, we were estimating the aircraft type to be B744 based on the aircraft type from yesterday. The aircraft type is now B772, which agrees with


I know we personally get aircraft swaps all the time with delays out of ORD. We go back and forth from an E135-E140-E145.


They’ll probably switch it from a 747 to an E145 :laughing: