This must be a mistake

I am guessing that this is a mistake with the aircraft identification for UAL 1289 from BOS - SFO. I highly doubt it was a 737-200.

United has been sending 737-800 Overwater to Flightaware as a different code than they used to. It hasn’t been fixed in Flightaware’s system yet.

Makes sense. Thanks!

I recently noted that a UA (CO) B737 flight identified as 73S or 737-200. I have a picture of the aircraft and it is indeed a B737-724(WL) using the registration number, I tracked it down and the entry for the aircraft in the FAA registry is wrong! The FAA lists it as B737-224.

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At 7:40 PM CDT on May 19th, Flightaware was still showing 12 737-200s airborne.