Wrong aircraft type


This used to show the type correctly (PA31T - Cheyenne 1), but now does not.


No sense in killing electrons to post that here. It’s just one of those things. FlightAware does not modify or correct or enter the aircraft code on flight plans. All flight aircraft codes shown are what the pilot (or dispatcher or whatever) enter into the flight plan, as a quick search of the forum will show.

This particular N number was also shown as a MU2 on 12 Feb.


No sense in killing electrons to post that here.

Same with yours.

I doubt the pilot doesn’t know what kind of airplane he’s flying.
The FAQ page says to report it here. Thanks




This type of problem is always the result of human error in filing the flight plan.

At what stage of the filing it occurred is anyone’s guess.

Flight Aware simply parrots whatever data is in the FAA’s flight reporting database and doesn’t cross reference the registration database.

PS: There are no stupid questions.


Thanks, JHEM. Nicely put.
I understand what your’re saying about the error and not knowing when it occured. I was just reporting it as the Q&A says to:

Why does FlightAware show an overly specific or incorrect aircraft description for a particular aircraft type? (Back To Top)
A single aircraft type can have multiple names in the ICAO aircraft database. FlightAware picks the first one listed unless it has been pointed out to be inaccurate. As a result, it might display B738 as a “Boeing BBJ2” rather than “Boeing 737-800.” Please bring the error up in the public discussions to be corrected.

Perhaps this needs to be changed.


That’s a different problem with a completely different database Brian.

That relates to the aircraft type codes from the ICAO, not the description of the aircraft manually entered into the enroute database.

A wrong, yet acceptable, type code entered into a flight plan will correctly link to the ICAO database for that aircraft type, even if the type shown isn’t correct for the aircraft actually being flown.

I hope that isn’t too circumlocutious for you. :wink:


Don’t go getting liberal media on me by reporting only part of the answer. The full quote is “there are no stupid questions, just stupid people and/or answers.”

(Standard disclaimer to the humor-impaired: That’s a joke, my son.)


Here’s a list of identifiers for filing flight plans from duats.com

Identifier Aircraft Type(s)

PAY1 Piper PA-31T1-500 Cheyenne 1
PAY2 Piper PA31T-620/T2-620 Cheyenne 2, Comanchero
PAY3 Piper PA-42-720 Cheyenne 3
PAY4 Piper PA-42-1000 Cheyenne 400


I’ve flown all those but the 400. :slight_smile:
Or a Comanchero but that’s an aftermarket bigger engine mod, like the Blackhawk King Air mod.


Funny sometimes how your career takes you to places and airplanes.

I have 1,000s of hours in Piper piston twins of all types not not a minute of Cheyenne time.


Only Piper piston twin I’ve flown are Navajos. I wish I owned a twin piston Piper!

Flew this one once:
It used to be based at KLZU.