Wrong Aircraft Type Listed

On 1/5/05 UPS2215 departing KBWI was showed as a B763 on the scheduled departures menu, when here it says it was an A300-


Has anyone else had this problem?
I was about to grab my camera until I opened the flight info :slight_smile:

JetBlast :slight_smile:

A306 yesterday, scheduled as a B763 today.

Don’t forget that aircraft substitutions are common. Look a few lines down and you’ll see that on 24 Dec the flight was operated with a DC-8.

We’ve seen changes like that (sometimes incorrectly) when they file a flight plan for one type (displayed on the scheduled departure board) and the controller puts a different type in the departure message (displayed on the departure board and flight page).

Just an interesting note, VIR17 last night, flying into EWR, was shown on the map as an A346, while on the FA arrival page, and other tracking sites I checked, as an A343. It would be interesting to know why the rest of the site got it right while the map had it listed as a -600.

Flight plan vs actual aircraft; the map doesn’t use the flight plan data.

So does that mean that the map is right and everything else is wrong? The same thing is happening again with DLH402 FRA-EWR, the map is saying A333, while the flight tracker page says A343. Also, every other tracking site out there is saying A343.

I think that flight is an A343. Certainly there are some glitches and consistency issues to work out, but in cases where we’re sometimes told X and other times told Y, it’s hard to know what to believe.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.