Bug: wrong aircraft type (says B788, it's B77W)

According to your data at flightaware.com/live/flight/ANA1077, you’re showing a B788 in-flight.

As you probably know, Boeing 787s have been grounded; the data box on the map indeed says “B77W”.

Therefore your data (including historical) is incorrect.

Interesting… we don’t accept aircraft type changes after departure which is why the page says 787 (they had no predeparture indication of aircraft type change), but I guess the maps do post-departure. We’ll look into making them consistent.

As a matter of interest, what data do you get when flights are live? On the map plot the altitude and speed are shown correctly (as seen on other tracking programs) so I presume the source is the same and these sources will also have identifying information about the aircraft itself. Is it a database issue that the type can’t be changed “live” or the complexities of looking up for the correct aircraft?

This has happened quite a lot recently. Yesterday’s LOT3/4 was reported as a B788 but was SP-LPE a B767 and today, for example, there are 3 QTR A32x aircraft indicated as B788.

The live flight can be shown if the aircraft registration is entered so it’s not that the appropriate info isn’t there.

Why hasn’t this bug been fixed in 11 months?

It’s leading to embarassing data, such as airplanes changing equipment type: flightaware.com/live/flight/N942NN is a B738/L , but Flightaware reports it as a camaleont taking the guise of an MD80 at times!