Wrong Equipment


The Flightaware flight tracker has consistently provided the incorrect aircraft type for quite some time now on a flight that I watch. Air France, Flight 10, has been using an A343 for quite some time now. Flightaware lists the equipment as a B772. Doesn’t the tracking software know that the equipment is an A343?


GIGO… if the right information isn’t provided by the data source FA uses, then guess what… it’s gonna be wrong…


The airline isn’t sending a usable aircraft type and the FAA isn’t sending anything pre-departure (where we freeze the aircraft type). I’ll see if we can coax the airline into sending something better.


OK good. The thing is, all the other AF CDG-JFK flights have the correct equipment listed on FA. Only this one is wrong. Odd, isn’t it?


Liebhomeradar shows it was 772 until March 24, 332 on March 25 and 343 ever since.


Well, Flightaware should just change the listing to an A343 instead of erroneously reporting it continuously as a B772.


Perhaps you could just contact AF and have them fix it since they’re the source of the “ratty” data…


I doubt that. They list the flight as an A343 everywhere-- website, printed schedules, flight tracker, flight status,everywhere. Expertflyer has it correct as well. Even their code-shared Delta flight on delta.com has the correct information. The wrong info is NOT coming from AF.


Really? Are you the person from AF responsible for sending the data to the FAA? No? Then you don’t know what you’re talking about.

You were given the answer as to why the incorrect info is being shown, but for some reason you’re unwilling to accept that.

Would you like your money back?


Any reason for the overwhelming hostility and rudeness?

I wanted to promote this site’s accuracy. Why is it inaccurate when Expertflyer.com, airfrance.com, and even Delta.com have the accurate information? Doesn’t make this site look too good. That’s where I was coming from.

If it’s an A343 going forward through the summer, why can’t that be fixed? Why have this site look bad when all the other sources of information are correct?


Rudeness goes both ways here…

You don’t seem to get the picture… Flightaware processes data. If it’s garbage in, guess what, it’s garbage out.

Yo, JHEM… long time… how ya been? See it’s the same ol’ same ol’ around here…




You must have a warped definition of rudeness. I made a suggestion, and you came back with a personal attack and sarcasm-- uncalled for.

I prefer to deal with Mr. Duell, he is respectful and polite. And I’m hoping he can bring this site up to the accuracy standards of Expertflyer, and report Af10 correctly as using an A343 equipment, as they do and the AF website and published timetable does. Flightstats.com also reports the correct equipment. This site is the only place that gets it wrong! Thank you.


I would suggest that Flight Aware gets its data from the flight plan, the other sites get it from the airline or its’ website etc.
Unfortunately even flight plans are not always updated correctly.


We have a winner ! Perhaps OP understands now. Or not.


As I said earlier, the aircraft type from the airline is unusable and for international inbounds the FAA isn’t getting us a filed aircraft type before departure. We’re working to better handle this situation globally.


OK, fair enough, thanks. FYI, other live tracking sites-- flightstats.com, and flightview.com have the correct equipment for this flight.


I’m still as irascible as ever Jim, as can be seen :wink: . Hope all is well with you and yours.

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