Aircraft type and Airline Identifiers updated in flightaware

I was wondering how often aircraft types and airline three-letter identifiers are updated because since Bombardier CRJ-1000 has been in testing and now in service flightaware still doesn’t show it. When you type the identifier for it, which is CRJX, is typed in under “Browse by Aircraft Type”, there is no indication of what CRJX represents as there would be for other aircraft types.
I also notice that even though some airline identifiers have changed from one airline to another flightaware still would have it listed as the old airline. For example ARA which is now Arik Air, with the callsign “Arik Air”, an airline based in Nigeria flightaware still has it listed as Aerobeira, Sociedade de Transportes Aereos Lda “Aerobeira”.
Also are airlines automatically allowed to be tracted when they begin flights to the United States?