A/C # for FlightAware staff

We have a Skyking 737-200 N454AT flying in and out of our airport (ACY) belonging to Airtran. When you lookup that tail # it comes up as a Airtran 737-700. Is it not updated?
thx Acy Ops

We display the aircraft type that is filed in the flight plan. Perhaps the Airtran dispatchers are filing as B737 out of habit.

edit: Look at the Activity Log for N464AT (thanks, damiross), and you can see that it usually files as B732 but the most recent flight was probably misfiled or trying to use B737 as a generic type instead of being specific to the -700.

Are you sure it isn’t N464AT? I’ve seen that one several times at ACY on FlightAware. Quite often “6” and “5” look very similar, especially from a distance.

thx for the info. you are right 464AT, my mistake