FlightXML 3 - Airport Boards - Aircraft Type Changing


I’ve noticed a few cases where the aircraft type for a flight via Airport Boards changes mid-flight. Recent example would be AAL2362-1504502778-airline-0423 - it switched back and forth between MD80 and MD83 a few times as my scripts watched it coming into MSP (I poll the flight boards every 20 minutes and it changed 4 times).

That’s getting into the weeds a bit insofar as issues go, but, it’s an important distinction for my application. Anything to improve consistency on your end (especially when you have a tail number and it isn’t changing) would be appreciated.


Aircraft type on tail instead of flight plan?

Unsure if it’s of any use or not, but, observed this again today with UAL635-1504589175-airline-0069.

5:50 AM CDT: push alert with type as B752
11:40 AM CDT: poll AirportBoards, type changed to B753
12:20 PM CDT: poll AirportBoards, revert back to a B752

I know there are cases where information legitimately needs to update as a flight moves (I’ve seen needed corrections with type happen as airborne Icelandair flights come into ADS-B coverage, for example), but, when the tail and type are known at departure and confirmed via ADS-B, seems like there could/should be some logic on your end to make sure the type doesn’t change for the duration of the flight.



I’ve asked the flight tracking team to take a look at it. They’ll see if they can’t track down the source of that issue.