FlightXML 3 - Airport Boards - Aircraft Type Changing

I’ve noticed a few cases where the aircraft type for a flight via Airport Boards changes mid-flight. Recent example would be AAL2362-1504502778-airline-0423 - it switched back and forth between MD80 and MD83 a few times as my scripts watched it coming into MSP (I poll the flight boards every 20 minutes and it changed 4 times).

That’s getting into the weeds a bit insofar as issues go, but, it’s an important distinction for my application. Anything to improve consistency on your end (especially when you have a tail number and it isn’t changing) would be appreciated.


Unsure if it’s of any use or not, but, observed this again today with UAL635-1504589175-airline-0069.

5:50 AM CDT: push alert with type as B752
11:40 AM CDT: poll AirportBoards, type changed to B753
12:20 PM CDT: poll AirportBoards, revert back to a B752

I know there are cases where information legitimately needs to update as a flight moves (I’ve seen needed corrections with type happen as airborne Icelandair flights come into ADS-B coverage, for example), but, when the tail and type are known at departure and confirmed via ADS-B, seems like there could/should be some logic on your end to make sure the type doesn’t change for the duration of the flight.


I’ve asked the flight tracking team to take a look at it. They’ll see if they can’t track down the source of that issue.