Boeing 737-200 N252TR

I saw this aircraft sitting at a gate at KCLE on Thurs 2/26. It appears to be privately owned and has no markings other than the N number. Registration check shows it owned by Wells Fargo Bank. I checked the flight history and the last one on record was in 2006…Oakland to Honolulu. So I am a bit curious as to where it has been since then, how it got to Cleveland without any flight history and why, if it is privately owned, it was at a gate and not on the GA ramp.

It’s one of the now defunct Hooters Air birds that was later used by Aloha. I believe it’s still operated by Pace.

Because it flies under a flight number. For example when Executive Jet 690 is in the air you won’t flnd N690QS on the tracking pages. And when N690QS is in the air you won’t find ExecJet690.

For the four major fractionals, we actually merge the tail numbers (with and without the air taxi prefix) and airline code(s) into one page so no matter which code you look up you see all the flights for that aircraft.

Is that new? I never caught on to that.

We implemented it a few months ago.

His plane isn’t the only thing that’s slow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plane is coming to atlantic city … /KMER/KACY . Pace flys into AC on a regular basis, so it probably still is owned by Pace.

Pace didn’t operate any 737-700s so this is probably not a Pace aircraft. Additionally, PACE is out of business: Google News (One article I did see said the 757 and 767 services were still being operated)

The owner of N252TR and the operator of N252TR are two different things. Wells Fargo owns it but it is operated by someone else.

ADDED: Looking in the FAA registry, N252TR is a 200 model - the flight tracking data is in error.

The last online schedule for Pace’s 737’s is at … cesked.pdf

N252TR is now leased to Skyking Airlines from Triton Leasing and will use a Songbird callsign SGB252. Looks like it was just at Skykings mx base at Merced. Also appears it will operate for Golds Transportation at ACY for a bit? … /KMER/KACY