N720CH - Superluxury 737-700

I watched a documentary about this remarkable privately owned 737 available for charters. It is configured for 13 passengers. Last week I also got the opportunity to photograph it as it happened to visit Miami’s Opa Locka Airport:

The following day it took off from Miami on a non stop flight to Honolulu!
I didn’t even think that was possible on a tank of gas! it flies under it’s tail number N720CH so you can track it anytime as long as it is not in some remote corner of the world

From being a former employee at Opa Locka I know this aircraft well. It is based out of there and the company has several aircraft. N260CH - G-IV, N252CH G-IV, N212K (soon to be N180CH) G-IV and one other that the tail number escapes me. They had a G-V (N126CH) that they sold recently.

What is interesting to me is in or about 2001 they started there flight department with an old Hawker-400, then quickly moved to a challenger 600 and on up.

That kind of range is not possible on a standard airline -700, but the BBJ has all sorts of extra tanks available. Just depends on what the individual operator needs for range, it is a trade off in baggage space however.


I remember seeing this one arrive and depart BFI on FA. Glad to know what it was!

Seen that N720CH was for sale in the most recent controller, along with N180CH and N252CH, and N260CH was just recently registered back to Crescent Heights.

N720CH is a former PrivatAir aircraft, and last week the 767 belonging to PrivatAir flew to OPF, home of Crescent Heights. One could wonder if this is a new aircraft fo them.

It has been blocked from tracking now.

Yeah about six months to a year ago they blocked all the aircraft.

I have seen N720CH numerous times in the last 6 months parked at OPF, no movement whatsoever. Also another one ***CH in a hangar, looked like a Gulfstream. As far at PrivatAir, there was a 767 in their colors that sat at Fort Lauderdale International for a couple of months, last seen there 3 weeks ago.

767 is on the move out of OPF


Permalink: flightaware.com/live/flight/PTI4 … /KOPF/EGLL

good link :confused:

It appears N720CH is sold. Now registered to Wells Fargo. Found following quote on a website.

Purchased the BBJ 29866 N720CH from Crescent Heights and resold to Wells Fargo as trustee for a foreign owner

N260CH has been reserved for a while under Cresent Heights. N180CH and N252CH appear to still be theirs.

Seems as if they gave up the 737 for a Global Express.

N449ML to be N540CH

And looking for a pilot Global Pilot