KLM663 ?????

Stumbled on to this listing from A’dam to Houston a few days ago. I see it is an ongoing route flown by a 737-700. Even with an ER Class, I don’t think it has the range. An empty BBJ maybe, is it a misprint?


737-700 - Range with 126 pax 2852km (1540nm) or 6037km (3260nm) for HGW version.

From airliners.net under specs.

I checked out the range on A.net too, but I would guess it to be at least 5000nm from Schipol to George Bush or more!!!

Dist. is only 5012nm using great circle routing :open_mouth: and, Boeing saysa 737/700 can go 3365nm. :exclamation:
If it is a BBJ, Boeing saysit will go 5365nm with 50 pax.

I don’t think KLM is flying a BBJ around, Maybe a misprint,but, hey I guessed pretty good on the distance. Thanx guy’s

Using Private Air KLM does fly BBJ’s. From a KLM ad., it doens’t come out and say BBJ. But it does say 737 business jet.

Wow thank you!!! I bet thats a comfortable flight. Question answered, thanx again LEARDVR

Folks, check the past discussions!! This exact flight has been discussed before!! In THAT discussion, you’ll see that someone was chastised for not checking the past forums as well. :bulb:

Two clicks of the mouse is all it takes…

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Nope, you didn’t start it, so you’re safe…this time… :smiling_imp:


Didn’t feel like making a new topic, but here’s a picture of a sweet paint scheme on a BBJ I took in White Plains last week. It’s owned by Rustam Tariko, owner of the Russian Standard company.

Russia’s number one premium vodka brand, selling over one million cases a year

Man he got a boot for not paying parking tickets. :laughing:


KLM Launches Business Jet Services on
Houston-Amsterdam Route
On October 30, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines began operating six times weekly Boeing
737-700 business jet service on the Houston-Amsterdam route as part of its joint venture
with Northwest Airlines. The new service is operated by PrivatAir on behalf of KLM, and
better meets the demand for World Business Class seats on the route.
KLM 664 / Northwest 8664 departs George Bush Intercontinental Airport at 8:15 p.m.
and arrives at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport at 12:35 p.m. the next day. KLM 663 /
Northwest 8663 departs Amsterdam Schiphol at 2:25 p.m. and arrives at George Bush
Intercontinental Airport at 6:45 p.m. Flights operate daily except for Wednesdays.
The business jet service supplements KLMs daily Boeing 747-400 service and replaces its
Boeing 767 service, currently offered three times weekly. The business jet ground and
inflight products match the standard World Business Class service.

Well that’s right from the link I put in my post…