This normal?


737? … /KIAH/EHAM


Yes. A few airlines operate high end services (i.e. all first or all business class) flights across the Atlantic. They use either 737s or A319. Soon, British will be using an A318 from London City Airport to the USA.

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Has come up before. … ht=klm+664


I knew it had come up before - it was late and I didn’t want to do the search. Thanks, lancasterperch, for the link.

It’s amazing how far London City Airport has come. When it first opened up, it was small aircraft. Now, it’s up to the BAe 146, Fokker 70’s, and, soon, the A318. What started out as an airport for short distance flights will now get transatlantic services.

With London/New York being one of the busiest intercontinental routes in the world and with the number of business passengers flying between the two cities, I predict this will be a great money maker for British.


So is that basically a BBJ with all first class seats instead of the fancy private interior? Same thing with BA’s A318/ACJ?


KLM Privatair 737
Lufthansa Business Jet


Hmm…says it is a -700. I was curious about the extra range tho…I thought that might require the wings and gear of the -800, like the BBJ…
Thanks dami, for the links.
Also, I’m sure you’re correct about it making money for British. I can see all the clout that used to occupy the seats of the Concorde now being on those flights…


The BBJ1 is based off of the 737-700. There are also BBJ2 and BBJ3 variants.

I’ve taken these flights 4 times now and they are VERY nice (in my opinion), but I know others who say the experience of a traditional widebody flight is better.


The BBJ is the -700 fuselage with the -800 wing and main landing gear. The BBJ2 is a 737-800 and the BBJ3 is a 737-900.


I’m aware of that, but I was point out to the other poster that the aircraft type for a BBJ1 is typically still referred to as a 737-700. Such as if you tried to track N88WR (a BBJ1) it will show up as a B737 just as commercial carriers would.


Sorry 1AJR…I wasn’t necessarily trying to correct you. :blush: My intent was to quell any confusion with other posters between the BBJ and a straight 737-700. And that the KLM flight of the OP subject is in fact a 737-700 and not a BBJ. You are certainly correct that the 737-700, BBJ, and military C-40 are categorized under the same type designator as B737…with the BBJ2/737-800 as B738, and the BBJ3/737-900 as B739.