KLM 737 question

Is this right?


Isn’t the range a bit far for that plane?

It is correct, I beleive it is one of the BBJs operated by Privatair. Search the forums for privatair for more info.

I searched myself. Found this thread, among others.

Not really. Looking at the map, it looks like it’s only about 4-6 inches.

Check out the track log. That’s some serious scheduled service! You’d think it was a regular flight.

I don’t understand. It is scheduled service, it is not a private charter. Privatair and KLM have an agreement to offer the service as a “first class plus” type of thing.

FA needs a filter to screen out redundant questions. Wouldn’t that be nice? If someone could figure that out, the world would be a little bit better place…the cyber world, anyway.:unamused:

I blieve it’s incorrect. Boeing 737-700’s don’t travel very long distances. That route would need a Boeing 747, 757, 767 or a 777 also A340’s .

They’re using BBJ (73G based) and BBJ2 (738 based) aircraft, which easily have the range for these missions. See the Privatair website for more information.

Also the newest 737-700ER has a range of 5510nm, which allows for transpacific flights (e.g. New York to Japan or Los Angeles to China).

I would start seeing monsters on the wing on those flights.


Privateair flies for Luth. using … Airbus 320 's. The smaller plane used for Ted. Fewer Passengers , lighter load .