Smallest Aircraft on Long Haul flights?

Some would argue that a 737 isn’t a small aircraft… but Check out KLM 663. A 737-700 (ER no doubt) from Schipol to Houston-Bush

This subject has been brought up many times (use the search link above to search for it). The aircraft in questions is actually a BBJ. Besides the 737 long hauls, there are also several flights operated with the A319.

I did search… I think I suck at searching… It’s actually a BBJ? How does KLM have it configured? If so, why don’t they use a a737ER which boeing produces for this reason?

Not to worry, you are one up on me AND you are new to the forums.

I wouldn’t have even thought to search the forums on your question nor would I have known any key words to search with and I been around for quite some time.

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Complete list of Privatair’s Airline Service

Yup, the search feature isn’t as full featured as it should be.

I entered 737 transatlantic and clicked the search for all terms box. Here’s what I came up with: … nsatlantic … nsatlantic … nsatlantic
plus three others

Packrools, welcome to the fun!! Have no fear…and Dami before you flame me this is a compliment…Dami will find what you are looking for…or point to where you can go find the answer.

I took it has a compliment, IAD. Thank you.