Long flight for a 737?

Isn’t London-Texas a little long for a commercial flight on a 737?


PrivatAir flies Dsseldorf - Chicago, Dsseldorf - Newark, Mnich- Newark, Zurich - Newark, and Amsterdam - Houston in A319 and B737 aircraft with extra fuel tanks in the belly and an all business class interior up top.

This has been posted a few times before; please search the forums in the future.

Not to be picky, but Schipol is actually in Amsterdam. :wink:

A duration of 1:50 is not particularly long for a 737. :laughing:

(Does that make it a mach 3 flight?)

It says Mach 80 for the speed when you click on the flight page!

My bad, it actually says mach .80 (0.80 without the leading zero)