737-800s Over the the Big Pond! More?


As was reported on A.net, CO has used the 737-800 on some charters for the military to Germany. See: flightaware.com/live/flight/COA1924/history

Eliminating meals, and peanuts/pretzels, and half the bags, are we looking at the little twin jets as the North Atlantic aircraft of choice for all the airlines?

Who’da thunk they’d be used to Hawaii, and I know LH used the A320 from IAD to CGN a ways back, but…


Privatair also has LSZH-KEWR-LSZH service with a B738.



Do you mean that B738 flight from Zurich to Newark on Memorial Day really did stay up in the air for 11 hours 14 minutes?

flightaware.com/live/flight/SWR1 … /LSZH/KEWR

Hardly seems possible.


The 737 is no longer your average little jet. The 800 and 900 series both have about the same capacity as the 707-300 or DC-8-50 or DC8-8-62, the original big birds of the airlines. It can fly almost as far and, because it doesn’t have a flight engineer, has 2 less (and more efficient) engines, it can do it cheaper than a 707

As I mentioned elsewhere in the forum, the 737 has come a long ways! It was at first strictly a short to medium haul aircraft. It is possible (and has been for many years) to circle the world on a 737.


It probably left late and the departure time is incorrect.


operated by privatair normally = BBJ


I’ll have to admit, there is no place in the world I enjoy visiting more than Switzerland, but I have never considered using this service. Does this Swiss/Privatair ZRH-EWR 738 business class-only operation make money? Can’t imagine the Swiss not figuring out how to operate anything pretty well. Sorry, I forgot, Swissair!

What makes this operation tick, given so many other business-only services kaput?


I don’t have any particular insight except to say that the Privatair flights are backed up by a large airline unlike the 2 or 3 plane business class only airlines.