Netjets BBJ's


How many do they have now? I keep getting conflicting reports. One of the BBJ’s Boeing uses was operated by Netjets at one time too.

N772BC (don’t think they use this a/c anymore?)


Yep, scratch N772BC

Here is the current fleet as far as I can tell.


How bout N835BA?


Funny you mention that one. I was actually on that exact aircraft (N835BA) at the NBAA convention in ATL last year. That’s a Boeing demo aircraft.

Back in 04 it was sold to Netjets, 3 days later Netjet sold it back to boeing? Boeing leased it out for a year to ACI pacific. and has since retained ownership till now.


Also operate;

VP-CHK B737-200 21957 status?
PR-BBS B737-BBJ 32575 status?


N164RJ B737-BBJ 30328
HB-JGV B737-BBJ 30330
LX-GVV B737-BBJ 30791
N707BZ B737-BBJ 32970



VP-CHK = Executive Jet Aircraft Company, Ltd out of the Caymans
PR-BBS = Banco Safra, SA in Brazil


N772BC 29102
N254SJ 30572


I thought N835BA and N836BA both belonged to Boeing. With N836BA being the former N156QS.

It seems like they do a hefty amount of buying and selling for operating such a comparatively small fleet of BBJ’s.


N835BA B737-7BC/W BBJ, first flight 7th Feb 2000 as N1787B and delivered to Boeing as N1005S as a demonstrator.

It was sold to EJA/Netjets in Nov 2001, registered as N171QS and leased back to Boeing in Dec 2001.
In Oct 04 it was registered to Wells Fargo, and in Dec 04 sold to Jetshare who changed the reg. to N254SJ.
In Dec 05 it was registered N339BA, and in Aug 07 transferred to Boeing and re-registered N835BA.

Though it has several owners, it seems it has always been operated on behalf of Boeing.

N836BA B737-7BC/W BBJ, first flight 11th May 2000 also as N1787B and delivered to Boeing as N1003W.
It was sold to EJA/Netjets in October 2001 and leased back to Boeing.
It was registered to Wells Fargo in June 06, and re-registered N836BA in Aug 06 and operated by Boeing.


Guess this is what they mean by, ‘It’s lonely at the top’.