BBJ ending with BB out of Burbank

It was a Kodak Moment but I forgot my camera!

I was up close and personal with a BBJ today as he climbed though my altitude. His tail number is masked in FlightAware but he called himself Boeing ***BB. BB departed Burbank at 12:29 pm on 8-18. FlightAware shows the aircraft as a 757 but I thought it was a 737 going to Monterey. Can any one help me with a BBJ ending in BB? Blue vertical stripe on the tail.

In the screen capture I’m in Red the BBJ in Yellow climbing though my altitude. I was VFR at 9,500.

I got this from

Frank Holbert

VP-CBB perhaps? … rch=VP-CBB

VP-CBB’s current paint scheme is nicer looking than the former.

Long shot, but maybe you can find it on

Are you saying you plan to file a complaint against somebody? If so, why do you have to do your own research on this? Wouldn’t the FAA investigator be the one to dig it all out?

From the Passur image, I can see why you’d be hot under the collar. Looks tight, and coming at you fast too.

What makes you think it was a BBJ instead of a 757?

Here’s the current registry for Boeings with regs ending in BB:

 nnumber | mfrname |     model      
 450BB   | BOEING  | A75L3 
 770BB   | BOEING  | 757-200 SERIES
 843BB   | BOEING  | 737-436 
 213BB   | BOEING  | A75N1(PT17)

N770BB is maroon on white and N843BB is all white.

770BB belongs to Ron Burkle. Anyone have a line on his activities that could’ve lead his airplane to pass through the airspace near Frank?

No, it was a US registered aircraft.

No, no complaint.

Clearly N770BB (AKA Air Force 2) based out of Burbank. A close friend of President Clinton. Wonder why the 737 based out of the same airport went to North Korea? Range? I’d be a lousy witness because I thought it was blue and white but this is clearly the paint scheme. … f44d9d3ac8

Didn’t know 757’s came with winglets, must be a BBJ think.

Thanks for your help guys.

757’s don’t come with anything anymore. Aviation Partners provides the winglets for Boeings.

How does one get away with that N number? Look below the last window.

My friend logged this aircraft today.

AA6922 N770BB N770BB B752 Untitled 2009/08/17 03:20:42
AA6922 N770BB N770BB B752 Untitled 2009/08/17 18:29:58

I’m guessing money talks 8)

I shot that 757 last year and even after enlarging and Photoshopping I still couldn’t see a registration. Eventually figured it out by a process of elimination using a combination of and FA.

N770BB used to have a more visible reg:

I guess when a President of the United States is asking to borrow your aircraft…

Maybe the FAA tried to Red Tag the aircraft and the Secrete Service shot him?