Saw this BBJ at Van Nuys yesterday. The ownership shows as Wells Fargo however I am guessing that is the leasing company and not the actual user of the plane. Any idea whose plane this is? There is a large RJ logo on the tail that I am hoping will give a clue.


Follow up- I just googled “RJ” and it came back with rj.com is for Royal Jordanian Airlines, maybe a connection??? Colors dont seem to match the corporate colors


From what I found it used to belong to Bausch & Lomb, now apparently belongs to an Australian TV bigshot named Rej Grundy. His wife is named Joy, (RJ…get it?)


Looks like the 737 in the picture on nationaljets.com/aircraft-management.html so possibly managed by National Jets.


I saw it for the first time a few years ago parked at National Jets at FLL.