No more NetJets BBJ's?


According to their fleet list on their site, the BBJ’s have disappeared?

Private Airliner at KPSP

Is that a question or a statement?

In any case, the BBJ’s are not operated by NetJets, Inc. They are operated by NetJets Large Aircraft Company, LLC. It is based in Connecticut.


N127QS and N129QS are operated as a partnership with Boeing/NetJets, and are currently owned by; Boeing Netjets Charter LLC.

I’ll assume it is still chartered thru NetJets (NetJets Large Aircraft Company).


The BBJs will be leaving the fleet. I don’t remember when, but they are among the fleets in disposal.


For those with the spare cash lying around, the asking price is $38.5M for each. They are S/N’s 30327 and 30329.

One may inquire at


That’s just the entrance fee. :stuck_out_tongue:


Quite a high entrance price indeed!

I was checking the FAA website which showed that N129QS will have its registration changed to N162WC with the registered owner WCA Holdings in Missoula, Montana. You can still track N129QS on a flight from Bangor to Spokane today.

Any one have more information about holding company and owners for these two aircraft? … rtxt=129QS


N129QS Answer; Click Here The Washington Companies. N162WC.

However N796BA ex- N127QS - no idea, suggest you send a email and ask them, I believe Jason from Jetnet is a member here, and most likely will answer your question.


WCA Holdings is Montana tycoon Dennis Washington, a former road grader operator who made his fortune ( which developed the winglets you see on Boeing and Gulfstream products. Washington has owned a variety of aircraft in the past under registry of Washington Group, DRW Financial and other names. University of Montana’s football stadium is named after him. Dennis Washington splits his time between residences in Missoula, Palm Springs (where his wife Phyllis owns an art and antique gallery and Washington Group maintains an aircraft hangar) and Vancouver Island, BC.


A slight correction regarding the Gulfstream winglets. WCA developed the ones you see on the G2SP. The G2B, G3,4 etc. are Gulfstream products and haven’t changed since about 1977 or so. You can see the difference pretty readily, the WCA winglets are blended, the Gulfstream winglets have a fairly sharp upwards turn from the wing.

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For more on Dennis Washington’s N162WC, see my last post here: